I love perusing websites and while I understand the need for folks to monetize, I also find posts that stretch the story out simply to make more ad space to be highly annoying. I won’t do that. I promise!

My goal is to be honest and authentic — that makes things really easy for me, right? This allows me to just tell my story, let you know what I like, and let you make the choice if it’s right for you or not. I don’t need to slap you in the face with a dozen ads before you can get to the meat of my messages.

So thanks, you, for continuing to read, engage, and get tripping on my experiences. I’ll forever be in your corner when it comes to keeping things simple and giving you the good stuff.

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Seattle Maven

Former concierge, frequent bruncher, forever pug-lover, animated talker, wandering hiker, enthusiastic traveler, authentic writer and hollandaise fan.
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